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Woodpie is your one stop destination for finding what to read next. Here you discover what everyone around you is reading. You find authentic book recommendations from people just like you, and no marketing noise. You can share your own recommendations too. And that's not all, you can also exchange books and read your next favorite book free.

Book Collection

See book collection of your friends and showcase your collection.

Book Collection

Add book in wishlist and know who has the book.

The moment you add a book in the wishlist, you will know if anyone in your connection has the book. By seeing your wishlist, your friends can offer those books for you to read. You too can read other people's wishlist and offer your books to them.


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Book reviews from people in your life.

Find book reviews from your friends and people you trust, and not marketers. Write Reviews and Influence readers around you to choose their next read.


Browse through all the books shared in your city and worldwide

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